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SDM Location

I have a 96 eldorado 4.6 Northstar. Can anyone please tell me what is the SDM and where is the SDM Breakout.

Never heard of it but what is it in relation to? Can you use it in a sentence? Might be another term for it.

Sensing and Diagnostic air bag Module.

It’s under your left front seat.

This is something you should probably read. The Sensing and Diagnostic Module for the airbags may be able to be diagnosed on the on-board display.


I’M looking for the Accessary Tine Delay Relay. According to the Componant Location Finder, it’s taped in harness, approxamatly 34 CM. ( about 13 inches) from the SDM connector Breakout. However. it dosen’t give the location of the SDM Breakout. So you say, it is under the Driver’s seat. I found two relays there. How can I tell which one is the Accessary Time Delay Relay?