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ScyTek car alarm will not deactivate when I push the "open" button

I have a ScyTek car alarm. It is over five years old.

The remote control that activates and deactivates the alarm no longer works reliably. I cannot disarm the alarm with one click – even when I am very close to my car. I don’t know if there is a mini-battery in the remote control that is dying. What do I do to solve this? When I go to my car, I need to get in. I cannot push the button repeatedly 100 times to deactivate the alarm. The problem has progressively gotten worse over the past year.

If there’s a battery that you might need to replace, I’m sure the manual for this alarm system would say so. Does it?

Do you not have a manual for this unnecessary alarm. Hardly anyone pays any attention to one going off. Frankly I would just disconnect it. Or do a search for the ScyTek web site.

Aftermarket security systems cause all forms of problems for their owners, especially for those that are not the original owners and do not have the operating manual. I’d recommend having the entire system extricated.

In the meantime, perhaps a visit to the system manufacturer’s website will net useful information.

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Replace the battery inside the remote.

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