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Screeching sound when turn on aircond - FE 2.0 Year 2001

All - I am hvg this problem for the last 2 months and now have decided change my serpentine V-Belt. Whenever i turn on my aircond and engage gear this load screeching sound will be heard, put back to “N” or “P” not so bad. I this serpentine V-Belt change couple of months back when my steering wheel valve got leaked and the oil spill over the V-Belt and that had to be changed. So here this mechanic did not change the Ford genuine belt but something which could fit - this could be the problem, else the entire pulley had to be change (will know tomorrow). Some say it could be bearing / pulley and one mechanic say “just get the belt first” then will see how if things improve - fair statement.

Also, how can a mechanic identify if the Timing Belt had been changed before and is it difficult to do so? Reason asking the maintenance book doesn’t have the record and this car was bought second hand from a dealer.

Thank You.

how can a mechanic identify if the Timing Belt had been changed before and is it difficult to do so?

There is no sure way. Usually all they can do is look. They may be able to see where the water pump was replaced or visually inspect the belt, but there is no sure way.

My bet is it has not been changed. Often some maintenance due is the breaking point to buy that new car.

Chances are the timing belt has not been changed yet. The car is 9 years old and the change interval is 120,000 miles or 8 years, which ever comes first. Confirm this with your owner’s manual.

Also, this engine is an interference design, meaning very expensive engine damage if the timing belt snaps. It would be cheaper to replace the belt than to replace the engine.

Since the timing belt change requires several parts to be removed first, and it was about due when you bought it, there ought to be some sign of bolts etc. having the usual grunge distrubed of the belt was changed. An older belt might also show some grime on it.
the serpentine is another matter, and the squeel could be caused by poor tension, esp. if the replacement belt was the wrong size, or the tensioner is badly worn.

I got the pulley replaced the one with the bracket - just one but not the smaller one and the belt remains the same, hence the screeching sound had disappeared for now. The next one would be the timing-belt, that’s gonna take at least 05 - 1 day in workshop.

Have any one heard like mechanic servicing “Throttle body or even AIC” and would this be advisable for Ford Escape like mine >8 years?

Thanks for the advice - Have a great weekend.