My escape is squeaking! :|

Hey guys!

I am a proud new owner of a 2008 Ford Escape Limited V6 and i noticed a squeaking sound coming from the engine. Everytime i turn on the car and the belt starts turning its squeaks louldy then goes away after 5-8 mins of driving. Any ideals on how to get it to go away?

Replace the belt.

And possibly the tensioner.

Is That A 3.0L V-6 ? Can The Noise Be Described As A “Whining / Bearing Type Noise,” By Chance ?

On 2008 Escapes and Mariners equipped with the 3.0L engine, Ford has a procedure for checking and fixing this problem. They use a mechanic’s stethoscope and listen to the right hand idler pulley (the one in front of the right cylinder bank).

If that’s where the noise comes from then that pulley gets replaced and a special torque sequence (3 bolts) is followed during installation.

Not the noise source ? Then the diagnosis continues.

Ford has been replacing these under warranty during the normal new car warranty period if they are defective.


I did get it used with 33,500 miles so its worth a try!! Is it easy to replace a belt??

Is It Still Under Warranty ? Let Ford Fix It For Free.


Yes I still have a few months of the Ford Factory Warranty and I bought the Escape from the Acura Dealership my mom bought her Acura from and I have a power train warranty with Acura for 3 years or 45 or 50,000 miles. I will call my guy up and have him take a look at it. I am also replacing the air filter this week with a K&N High performance filter to help increase airflow and give me maybe 1-4hp I think it will only give me 2 1/2 HP lol.