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Screeching Noise Car Won't Stay Running

Okay here’s the problem. I have a 2007 pt cruiser, and it’s oh I’d say -10 degrees outside. Of course my car will not start. I attempted to recharge the battery and no such luck. It sounds like everything is turning over correctly. It’s just as soon as the car starts the engine shakes and makes a loud screeching noise then shuts off. Now I can’t tell if it’s just too cold and something is frozen or there’s something wrong with one of the belts. I added dry gas I realize it probably wont do any good now but I’m running out of ideas.

Problem updated and solved. A day after posting this question I ran into even more problems. While I was accelerating/going uphill my car felt as if it was bucking / jerking. When I was idling the car felt like it was going to stall. No engine light was on… I took it to a mechanic who did said there Misfire detected in cylinder 3. Spark plugs needed to be replaced, along with ignition coil. Car is running as well as a pt cruiser can run…

Congratulations on your success. It’s normal to imagine the worst when thing sact up, but usually it’s something basic…like overdue spark plugs!

I’m confused. I’m glad your car is fixed now, but how can a much needed tune up cause a screeching noise?

I’m even more confused than you are, because the OP first told us that the car refused to start and/or that it immediately shut itself off after starting, and then, in a later post, she tells us about driveability problems while accelerating.

I guess that some details were omitted in the interest of brevity…

I’m guessing that a new serpentine belt was included in the tuneup. This poor motor has apparently gone well past its scheduled maintenance.