Chrysler PT Cruiser - Engine?

Engine came on but some time when daughter use one store kind of gas plus it shack really at times. The oil light came off n on. She was drivr it down the highway she said it start make noise so tho it may need some oil but when exit she start lose power she shut ot off n back on it came on at that time but then she turn off n it wont start only noise it makes is a click one time. She asnt even had this car for a mo yet

Sounds like the engine has seized, it won’t operate for long without motor oil. Replacing the car may cost less than replacing the engine.

Im sorry it a 2006 not a 2020 after i send it i noted the year of the car was not the right one


Tow it to a shop. they’ll attempt to turn the engine manually. If they can’t, the engine is likely frozen, caused by operation w/low oil level. But it is entirely possible the problem isn’t as serious as all that, but only an in-shop test is going to be able to tell you. The fee simply for testing if the engine is locked up or not shouldn’t be overly expensive. That’s your best path forward imo.