Strange Lights and Wheezing from my PT Cruiser

Hello, my car is a 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser with over 75K on it. My problem is two fold. First, recently the right rear turn signal light shorts out but only in the morning it seems. Because we’ve been getting a lot of rain in Nashville and the surrounding area, I suspect the high dewpoint and humidity might play a part here but I think I just need to replace the bulb.
The second issue is a little more annoying. For whatever reason, the “air bag warning” light on the driver side console comes on and I cannot figure out why.
The third issue is a little more pressing. I noticed during the summer whenever I was idling and had the A/C running, occasionally I would hear the engine act like it was about to stall out, like RPMs had dropped significantly. Now I’ve noticed it does that when the front defroster is running and winter is coming. What can I do about any of these problems listed here?

Trust me I have been through it with these cars. Without going into many horror stories get rid of it. Nothing but problem after problem with these cruisers. The wiring in these looks like something from a third world country!

I had a 2004 PT and in 7 1/2 years I had to replace 1 wheel bearing and the oil pressure unit. I don’t think that is bad in 7 1/2 years.
If you have a non-turbo model, they require changing plugs every 30,000 miles.
You should really take your car to a local mechanic, sometimes things just need to be fixed and unless you have a lot of experience you shouldn’t be messing with the airbag system. When the light is on, the air bag will not work.

Had a 2005 and owned it until 75000 miles before I sold it. List of problems: head gasket, power steering pump ( needing another when I got rid of it ) drivers side tie-rod, 2 cam shaft sensors, complete brakes and rotors all the way around, weird electrical problems ( power mirrors would not ever work ) the same weird idle issue with AC on that you are having, could be more things, but this is the list that comes to mind. It surely was not a car I could depend upon. AC was also starting to not work well when I sold it. These cars may just be a crap shoot. Sure is funny at least where I live they use to be everywhere, but not anymore. So I think there are more bad ones than good ones.

Clean and or replace your Idle Air Control. They get gunked up. This will fix your idle problem. The turn signal light, put some dialectric grease on the bulb socket and reinsert the bulb.

I also have a 2007 PT Cruiser and it’s been a great car. I have been driving it since 2008. Had to replace the fuel pump, no big deal. I had a problem with my left tail light, I just took out the blown bulb, cleaned the socket, used a bit of grease, (not a lot) replaced the bulb, and it’s been fine. I love mine and plan on hanging onto it for awhile.

I know I’m late to the party here but I’ve had my 01 PT Ltd 5sp for 13 years and have over 100K on it. Realistically I’ve had to replace the timing belt and of course with it the water pump, idler pulleys and accessory belts, the water elbow (made of plastic) and the right rear ABS wheel sensor. I’m not counting tires and brakes as they are normal with any car. And I did replace my leaking factory chrome wheels with sport allow which most people would have done anyway. So as far as reliability, my opinion is that its been better than most of my cars even though it was made in Mexico.

So in truth its not the cost of the failed parts but the cost of the labor that makes maintenance seem costly. I used to drive BMW’s before where a routing oil change usually cost about $350. OUCH.

“…I was idling and had the A/C running, occasionally I would hear the engine act like it was about to stall out, like RPMs had dropped significantly.”

As a fellow PT owner, I can almost guarantee the problem is related to the low speed setting on your radiator fan being burned out. Turn the AC on and pop the hood to see if it’s engaging or not. If it’s not, buy an aftermarket fan with the best warranty you can find and swap it out yourself. This is an incredibly common problem with this model.

For the airbag light, see if the horn works when it’s on. That may give a hint as to whether it’s an issue with the clockspring or wiring in the steering column or if it’s somewhere else (like a seatbelt sensor).

For the turn signal light, that could be a lot of things. If there was actually a short, it seems like it would either blow a fuse or be shut down by the TIPM. The fact that it comes and goes, without tripping anything seems to imply an issue with the bulb.

We bought a used 2006 PT Cruiser back in 2008 because it was dirt cheap ($5,000/fully loaded) and just assumed it would essentially be a “disposable” vehicle. Outside of the radiator fan, it’s given us no issues in the past ~ 100,000/miles.