Screeching noise at new Drivers Window - Only Sometimes

My own this Honda Odyssey since 2008. I found this strange problem when I drove it from Tuscon to Phoenix during a Windy day, it was making kind of Howling Screehing noice at the Drivers window. then it went away. Then I realized it happens only when the Wind is blowing at a specific Angle and when the Van is at some high speed. Any idea?

Door not closing tight enough, degraded body to door seal, window not going up fully into run channel, degraded window run channel, noise really from windshield seal but only appears to be from drivers window. Are you out of warranty?

EDIT: again it pays to check TSB’s. Honda TSB # 08-080 front door sash outer trim is vibrating against the door frame. The TSB goes on to say this could cause a howl. The fix per Honda is to remove the sash and put some double sided tape under it (I guess this makes a tighter fit).