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Screeching brakes

I have listened to you guys for years and also read your articles in the local paper ( RENO gazette journal ) and get graet info as well as lots of laughs. I have a 1999 mercedes 500 SL I bought used in 2005 .it has a screeching noise when I brake, it only happens at low speeds like pulling up to a stop OR when coming home late pulling in the garage ,to wake the neighbors.I took it to the dealer they couldn’t find anything then to an independent mercedes mechanic same result BOTH said there was plenty of pad left, I finally took it to the guy voted "best auto repair " in RENO he said that the rear brakes had nearly new pads on worn rotors and that was causing the chatter witch resulted in the screeching noise and replaced the rotors and pads with O.E.M. parts I drove the car 5 miles and the problem is back, I am thinking of sending the factory in germany a letter asking for help , do you have any suggestions ? thanks for all the laughs …phillip powell