Creaking noise when braking at low speeds

2015 Chevy Equinox, brakes make very loud creaking noise when coming at a stop sign/red light/park. Best way I can describe it as is the sound an old rocking chair makes on a wooden floor… I changed all pads and rotors months ago. Recently I took it to a trusted(at least I thought so) mechanic and he replaced a caliper and that seems to have fixed the issue for a day and it returned with a vengeance the next day. Brought it back, and he was certain it was a wheel bearing so I got that replaced but it didn’t stop the noise, although the wheel bearing was due for a change. He’s as lost about the issue as I am it seems…For what it’s worth, the sound seems to go away after it’s rained and come back when things have dried up.

Here’s a link of the sound I recorded, new here so I dunno if this will work… feedback would be much appreciated,

Brake noise can be very annoying and hard to trace down.

The first thing I ask when someone complains of brake noise is, were the brake pads/rotors properly embedded after the brake job?


I think I’d have a look at the brake rotor to see if it has a crack in it, check the pads, but the other thing is check all the bolts to make sure they are tight. After putting an axle in, I failed to use lock tite on the bolts and when they came loose got a similar knocking sound.

Some make/model’s brakes seem to squeak more than others. Bigger SUV’s are considerably squeakier than little econoboxes from my observation. Why? No idea. If the noise started after the rotor/pad replacement, the shop may not have installed all the required anti-squeak and anti-rattle shims. Or they just installed squeaky parts; i.e. not the oem parts purchased from the dealership.

If I had that problem and couldn’t live with the sound I’d disassemble the brakes and compare the parts installed vs what should be installed according to the shop manual. If that all looked correct then I’d take some 150 grit sandpaper and roughen the surface of the pads, soften the edges, and roughen the rotor surfaces to see if that makes a difference. If it did at least you’d know it was the brakes and not suspension components.

Squeaking during braking isn’t a common symptom for faulty wheel bearings btw.

Any resolution to this, because that is the exact sound mine is making and its driving me crazy!

Has anyone found out what causes this ? Mine is doing the same thing ! Driving me crazy