SCREAMING brakes, even after replacement

I own an '05 Mitsubishi Galant, with 22K miles on it. I bought it new 2 1/4 yrs. ago. The brakes were screaming, so I took it in and was told the front pads needed to be replaced, so I OKd it. However, they are still screaming just as loud as before. I took it back and they changed the pads from semi-metallic to ceramic, and also checked the rear brakes, which were, of course, fine. However, the screaming continues. It is intermittent, but genreally always there, and worse when the car really warms up. Otherwise, there’s no problem with braking. How can we find out what this awful noise is? People turn and look, it’s so bad! Thanks!

Were the rotors replaced or ground? If not, that should have been done. And if you grind or replace the rotors, replace the pads, too.

Go to a dealer, (parts counter) and buy a set of FACTORY brake pads. If your rotors are in good shape, go to any parts store and buy a can of CRC Brake quiet or Nev-R-Squeel, I forget which, you spray it on the rotors, and take this stuff to a mechanic and have them install the pads and treat the rotors. That should solve your problems.

ok the dealer only peplaced with the same items that was on the car from factory. you had a miss match the metal rotors and pads are not compatable that means either the metal is two hard for these pads or pads are to hard for rotors. buy the bus rotors and pads i got bendix
every ting peplace the sliders also. on my buick I used regular pads but on my ford van I used ceramic pads . no more noise.