Loud brake noises

I own a 2003 Buick Century with about 21,000 miles on it which I inherited in 2004. In the morning after sitting all night in a carport the car makes a very loud metal on metal screeching sound when backing out to the street when applying the brakes. Doesn’t seem to do that when moving forward and after two or three brake applications the sound usually goes away. The Buick dealer swears its condensation which appears overnight and theres nothing which can be done about it. All my life I’ve driven cars in damp or humid areas such as Charleston, Norfolk, Jacksonville, etc and have never had this problem before. Several of my neighbors drive similar make and model Buicks and tell me they have no such problem. Is the dealer’s mechanic “woofin” me here or is condensation the culprit? In cars, I’ve always believed loud unexplained and unnatural noise are probably dangerous and expensive. Does anyone have any ideas here? Rmartin740

The squealing noise is likely from a worn brake pad and the metal brake pad wear indicator is close and touches the overnight rust build up and when you move ahead, the rust is gone, hence no more noise.

You may want to get another opinion somewhere other than a dealer.

Didn’t anyone simply remove the tire and inspect the rotor and pad? That’s something you can do yourself! If any brake pad is worn, you need a simple, routine, 4-wheel brake job. And why go to a dealership? Any shop can help you out, usually for less money.