Funny metal noise

There is a sort of grinding, metal on metal noise seems to come from the front right side, sort of underneath the car. It is not a screech or squeal, sort of a scraping sound. It happens at low speeds when I turn right or when pulling out of a parking space. But sometimes justw hile driving slow, up a little inclie or after first getting in car. IT happens when I brake to stop but not to slow down. Does not do it if you pump the brakes. Seems to be louder when first start driving. first heard it 2 days ago, seems to be getting louder. Was just in for maintenance one week ago. There are no noticeable steering or braking problems.

Have your brakes checked.

  • mountainbike

I just had brakes serviced 1 week ago.

Yea, I’m thinking something with the brakes as well. Seeing as you just got them serviced, and assuming this sound didn’t happen before, would even more certainly point at brakes. Perhaps they’re not adjusted properly and the new pads are slightly touching the rotors.

Maybe backing plate is touching brake rotor. needs to be bent back.

i would say you might have brake caliper not releasing fully

also,if caliper not releasing,grinding you hear might be whats left of metal on pad grinding up rotor