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Intermittent screeching

Very soon after my mechanic replaced the front controller arm and ball joint the car developed an Intermittent screeching noise. In 20 miles of driving I’ll notice it 1-5 times, unfortunately not at all today with my mechanic sitting with me.

Sounds like it’s coming from my front right wheel, but I had pads and rotors done only 25k miles ago.

I notice it mostly when doing a 90 degree turn at low speed and when I brake. But, it happens only a small minority of the time when turning or braking. It has happened both when the car has been cold and hot, but mostly in the morning early during the first 30 seconds of my drive.

Most recently, the screech lasted 3-5 seconds when braking at low speed and going straight, and stopped only around a half second after I released the brake.

An audio is available at Listen from 20 seconds to 1 minute 20 seconds for 3 obvious noises. User name: TANDICA1@HOTMAIL. Password: password123

Any thoughts?

I assume you’ve had the brakes checked out. (?)

Check your brakes. Sounds like the wear indicator is making that noise.