Scraping Rear Left Wheel



The rear left wheel of my 1993 Grand Prix makes an unbearable scraping sound. I can only think of one possible cause, so I’m looking for any input on whether or not I’m right with my hunch or if it could be something else. Also, how to fix it…

Back in January it was a really cold and icy night and I put my parking brake on. When I released it, the parking brake light did not turn off (I have been told this could just be a problem with the switch). Since that night, there has been a scraping noise. It is loudest when I am driving slow and barely noticable on the highway. Also, it is not constant. The noise only happens for half of the rotation of the wheel (it does not scrape all the way around, if I roll forward one full rotation, it only scrapes for half). I think thats everything- any suggestions?


your brake is probably not released all the way - maybe the cable got snagged.

Either that or your dust shield has bent a bit and is scraping against the rotor.

There are several possible problems.  It should not take a brake professional long to determine what it is.  

Since the brakes are used to stop you car and prevent you from dying, I suggest this is one job you want done right away and done right.


It’s unusual, but since it just happened on our 1995 Neon, I’ll mention it. One of the rear brake linings detached itself from the shoe and just sort of floated around in the area between the shoe and the wheel. Occasionally, it made a really nasty noise, but mostly everything seemed pretty much OK. We couldn’t tell where the noise was coming from. Both my son and I thought maybe the Right Front. Finally I worked my way around the vehicle lubing calipers, bleeding the brakes, and adjusting drums. When I got to the right rear, the wheel spun about half a revolution and locked up tight. I pulled the wheel and the brake lining fell out.


I haven’t had any trouble with the brakes thus far. Hopefully it will not eventually affect my stopping. When I bought the car in September, they told me there were new brakes if that means anything