Rear brakes

My 1996 Pontiac Grand Prix has started making a grinding noise when I brake, but only when I am at very slow speeds. The noise seems to be coming from one side in the back. We checked the front brakes already and they’re fine. After coming to a stop, when I start up again the noise continues a bit like the brake is stuck on. I thought it might just be gritty stuff built up from the winter but it’s not getting better. Also the ABS light is always on. Any suggestions? I don’t want to put a lot of money into it since it’s almost motorcycle season so my husband will just take his bike most days.

Have you inspected the rear brakes?


Since the noise is from the back, it is the back brakes. You’ve got 2 kinds of brakes back there regular brakes and parking brakes. If the rear brakes are disks then inside the back rotors are small drum brakes for the parking brake system.

If your rear brakes are drums the shoes are worn. If the shoes are OK look for some parking brake hardware that is worn or has broken loose.

If your rear brakes are disc, check for worn pads. If they are OK then the parking brake hardware and shoes are worn or something has broken loose.

If you keep driving the car it is false economy. Your little problem will just escalate into a larger more expensive problem to deal with later.

I’d Be Sure To Check The Wheel Bearings. You Could Have A Seriously Bad One.

Check it out before driving any more. This could be dangerous.

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