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Often when I exit the highway my driver’s side rear wheel seems to rub or the brakes seem to engage. I have replaced all of my brake shoes and rear rotors still the noise persists.

Have the parking brqkes been checed?

Nope. I did the shoe and rotor replacement myself. Is there an easy way to tell if it is the parking brake that is malfunctioning?

Have a professional examine your rear brakes for correct parts assembly…

Have you done anything else to the vehicle? This kind of sensation could also be caused by the truck being in 4wd, having an aftermarket locker in the differential, or even a problem with the factory limited slip, if so equipped. Low differential fluid can cause chattering and grabbing in a clutch-type limited slip.

I put a 3 inch lift and 33" tires. All the rest of the suspension and drivetrain is factory. There is still plenty of slack in the brake lines. When I replaced the shoes and rotor for the same wheel the shoes were worn down to practically nothing FWIW

Make sure your parking brake cables aren’t tense or could become tense while cornering. Other than that, you could double-check your self-adjuster on that side parking brake to make sure it is working correctly and not over-adjusted or seized up. It sounds like you have one parking brake cable getting pulled intermittently.

Why, exactly, do you think the wheel is rubbing or the brakes are engaging?

When I exit it sounds like metal rubbing against the wheel. Today was the first time this has happened since I replaced my shoes and rotors. This time even the skid control kicked in at the same time.

Check your wheel speed sensors to make sure you didn’t bend a bracket and make the sensor contact the wheel.

Also, check ALL the wheels for any new marks to see where, if anywhere, they’re being rubbed. Check everything under the car that rotates for similar marks.