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Scion xB "Wet" Chirping sound

After days and days of searching this forum and the internet, I can not find a chirping that exactly fits my situation.

My 2005, automatic, Scion xB makes a very loud chirping sound. I will bullet out as much as i can.

. Only when in drive

. Only while accelerating (pushing on the gas)

. Only happens up to about 1800 rpm

. If I barely, BARELY, press the accelerator, it does not chirp

. Does not chirp in park

. Comes from the engine, not the wheels

. Everyone will say belts, but I had two belts replaced which did not stop it

. It is not a brake noise, I had my brakes replaced

. After driving about 60 minutes, it will be almost non existent

When i was young I had a plastic whistle shaped like a bird that you filled with water. When you blew into it, the water made a chirping, bird like sound. Almost a “wet chirp” which is what this sounds like.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!