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Low speed abs

My abs engages at 1-2 mph. No abs light. I have never noticed if abs even works at any higher speeds. The speed sensors are not part of hub bearing so I can remove them and possibly clean rust under mounting surface. Been told this might fix problem. Maybe?

Sometimes unplugging/replugging all the ABS sensors fixes this.

I have encountered this. Cleaning the sensors can help. If rust builds up under the mounting it can make the trigger a bit weak and cause this.

My problem was for a different reason. A front torsion bar spring (GM 4WD truck) had sagged a bit and the heavier load on one front wheel and lighter on the other caused a right-left ABS signal variance that only showed up below 5 mph in the last few feet of a stop. So look for a busted spring on any of the 4 corners of the car.

Yes, it might help

This is a CLASSIC symptom of dirty and/or faulty abs sensors, and also rust “blooming” causing an incorrect gap, as @Mustangman alluded to

I’d clean them first, as you were already thinking of doing. I think you’re on the right track. Cleaning is cheap, and will only cost you some time.

Are your hubs in good shape, no excessive play?

If you can clean the tone rings I’d do that, as well.

That is ironic. I changed broken rear spring this weekend. Drove about 100 mi after new coil and abs kicked in at every stop. Now vue has noticeable pull to one side after work. There is a cam bolt on the rear lateral link. Maybe former owner tweaked alignment to compensate for coil? Based on rusty coil ends, it has been awhile.

If the car pulls now it probably was aligned with the broken coil.

the independent rear suspension has 2 lower lateral links and 1 trailing arm. I replaced the lower control arm since the bushing seemed bad and the shock bolt snapped off in the welded retaining nut. yes, I was quite annoyed. I believe the cam bolt adjust the toe on rear wheel since the 2nd arm has no adjustable bolts. and I believe it is front wheel abs only now that I think of it. I do not recall seeing any abs sensor/wires on rear hub.

I am pretty sure that system is not a front-only ABS. Standard practice for GM cars at that time was a rear bearing package that integrated the hub, bearings, ABS tone ring and sensor inside a housing. 4 bolts hold it on. Saturn different on some models by not using the packaged bearing for the fronts so the ABS sensor package is more obvious.

the rear sensor is inside the drum. which does not want to come off the hub. mn rust will do that. now we have 2 vues that have the same issue. drums will not come off.

I hate drum brakes, and not just because of rust…But rust is up there. Rust will lock in those 4 bolts that hold the bearing package to the knuckle, too.