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Road noise

Does the saturn vue 2003 have a bad reputation for excessve interior road noise?

What type of tires,this is the prime factor. And how worn are they and are they inflated properly?

Are you saying you have a Vue and excessive road noise or are you considering buying and and someone told you it was a problem?

Today road noise seems to be mostly caused by the tyres, directly or indirectly. Certain tread, generally aggressive, are noisy and tyres with certain wear patterns can be very noisy. One thing to check is a wavy pattern of wear on the edges of the tyres.

While I totally agree that some tires are a major source of road noise, it’s also true thet some cars simply do not do a good job of isolating the noises from the cabin. I owned a Saturn some years back and it was just plain noisy.

Is there a specific reason the question is being asked, some context to put it into?