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Saturn trys to start itself without a key

When my Saturn 2001 wouldn’t start we of course thought it was the battery. Got it charged and went to put it back in. When we tried connecting it, it sparked and went through the motions of starting itself but not turning over, thus the drained battery problem. Is it possible that the starter, 2 months old, is bad with an open selunoid? What ther possibilities?

I’m no expert, but I’d suspect the ignition switch first (especially if you have a heavy keychain, which puts extra wear on it). If you manage to get it going somehow, keep in mind that an ignition switch problem can be a fire hazard, so you probably want to have it professionally checked out pretty quickly.

I’d pull the starter off and have it tested. Yes, it’s possible to get a bad one.

Thank you, we shall try that.

Would this be the case even if the car can be started with no problem via key while the car is doing its thing? While it was going through the motions described my son put the key in and turned and it fired up.