Ignition problem

The Saturn has done great until the last 6 months 3 times we have tried to start it and nothing happens AAA came out ,checked the battery, etc, etc turned the key and started right up Sat same thing, nothing happened. read the paper, started right up My mechanic and Saturn
/chevy dealer are both bafffled Their computershow nothing wrong HELP!!!

Replace the battery and check all connections, step 1

So EXACTLY what happens when you turn the key? Does it turn over (crank) but not start or absolutely NOTHING happen? What?

Nothing happens and all 3 times it is in our driveway

I had a 1993 Saturn with a similar problem and the key was not real good. If it is intermittent- and it sounds like it is- try using a different key, turning the key over, or, the real scientific method- jiggling it in the ignition. Cheap, and fits the symptoms.

Could be an interlock of sorts. It is an automatic? If so, try starting it in Neutral.

Btw, it not starting is not an ‘ignition problem’;. it is a starting problem. It could be the starter, ignition, wiring, etc but see what happens in Neutral.

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion and after having various problems with it not starting (trying to turn over and then just dying when the battery was fully charged, setting off the passive alarm so that it wouldn’t even try to start, etc.), my husband found a reference to them having problems with the ignition because of the grease that was used at the factory. We replaced the ignition and voila! Problems fixed. It’s still a bit snarky about which way the key is when you put it in the ignition, which shouldn’t matter, but I can live with that. :slight_smile:

When a car doesn’t crank, several problems are possible. Sometimes there are multiple problems. To know for sure, a mechanic has to test for each one.

  • Battery
  • Battery connections and ground
  • Ignition key switch
  • Passenger compartment relay (depends on make/model/year)
  • Neutral safety switch (automatic) or clutch safety switch (manual)
  • Starter motor connections and ground
  • Starter motor solenoid contacts
  • Starter motor

Generally if the problem can’t be immediately spotted by a visual inspection, a mechanic will start by measuring the voltages at the starter motor during attempted cranking, and work backwards from there.

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