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My saturn will not start, or turn over

I put the key in, turn to on position, I get no dash lights, door sounder works, sometimes either the radio, or heater fan does or does not work, I will hear a click sound somewhere over by the glove box area, but my car will not turn over, battery was checked, full charge … HELP …??? Chuck

Start checking electrical circuits. The power from the fully charged battery is not getting where it needs to go. When checking circuits, check the ground connections, too.

I suppose a faulty ignition switch could also cause this problem.

Do you or another driver have a keyring with lots of keys, tags, fluffy balls etc. on it? If so I would suspect a worn ignition lock. If you have more than a couple of keys, it is a good idea to keep your car ignition key separate so the weight of all that stuff does not damage the ignition lock.

If Saturn has the side post batteries like other GM cars, that’s likely the source of the problem. Use a 5/16 or 8mm wrench and disconnect the cables, clean any corrosion you see and give the holes of spray lubricant like wd40 and tighten securely.

I cleaned the terminals, reconnected, nothing, so I’m guessing this was the wrong solution, thanks though, for Your time.

The only items on the key chain, is the key, and keyfob, that’s it.

I’ve played/fiddled with the wires on the steering column, did not do a thing, You mention might be switch, is the part the key is connected to?