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Saturn squeaky wheels

My 2007 Saturn Ion 2 has always had squeaky wheels since shortly after I bought it used last year. It was still under warranty then, and they assured me that even after the warranty expired, if they couldn;t find the cause of the squeak before then, they would fix it at no cost to me. Anyway, their explanation is that the hubcaps are rubbing and causing the squeaking (sounds bogus to me!) it does seem to come from all sides of the car. Everything they have done to remedy the situation works…for a short time, then the squeak comes back again. Last time they put some sort of sticky, padded tape under the hubcaps, and the noise went away for several weeks, now it is back again…hey, at least small children and animals can hear me coming down the road. Does anyone have any other suggestion as to what it might be? and how to fix it for good???

Um, take off the hubcaps, and leave them off?

I had a Cadillac about 15 years ago that did the same thing. I rarely noticed it except when driving slowly in a parking garage with the windows down. What a racket. It was definitely the wheel covers. I used clear silicone (Dow) with formaldehyde and it stopped the noise for good. I applied it to the wheel and wheel cover mating surfaces and let it dry for 2 days. It was a shame that a 30K vehicle needed a $3 tube of silicone sealer to keep from squeaking.

outstanding suggestion, I will give it a try. It’s not a terrible sound, just a constant chirping, but it does get annoying doing 30mph with my windows down! Thanks so much :slight_smile: