What's going on with my car?

I have a 2004 Saturn Ion Quad Coupe. A couple of months ago, I was driving to my parents’ house and while slowing down to stop at a red light I heard a thunk thunk thunk around the area of the front right wheel and my friend in the passenger seat felt it under her feet. The noise sounded like it corresponded with the wheel slowing down. When I got to my destination, neither my dad nor I saw anything that looked suspicious around that area.

I tried to listen every time I slowed down somewhere after this and the noise didn’t happen again, until this past week. Any ideas as to what this might be? Money is tight and I don’t want to be scammed for some non-essesntial repair. Thanks!

That is a hard one. Strange noises can result from a wide variety of things. I have seen hub caps on older cars make strange noises, and found it by simply taking off the hub cap and driving it.

Also, even a small rock trapped in the tread of a tire, can in some cases produce strange noises.

But, to diagnose over the Internet is awfully hard.

One can put on a spare tire if this car has one, or swap tires from another part of the car – if the spare is safe.

Make sure the lug bolts are tight. A loose lug bolt can make strange noises.