Car squeaks when turning left

I have an 04 Saturn Ion redline that just recently started sweeping from the front driver side when I turn left. It doesn’t happen all the time normally in warm to cool weather, and when I’m turning slower ( around 10-20 mph ). I know it’s not the brakes or the rotors as I have just replaced them this week. And my drive axle boot looks okay. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? I’m not a master mechanic but I have done some things just as need be so technical advice won’t confuse me. Thanx!

Tough to say without hearing it. Could be a dried up balljoint or tie rod end, as a first thought. If they get really bad they can start sounding like loud squeaky door hinges.

Check out the dust shields for the rotors. They’re generally somewhat flimsy. A little bend can give you a little contact when turning.

“I know it’s not the brakes or the rotors as I have just replaced them this week.”

Yep…I’d vote for either a slightly bent shield, or maybe even sticking calipers. Did you grease the caliper slides (if it has a single piston)?

The power steering on this is electric, a motor sattached via a geartrain to the steering shaft. I’d be inclined to suspect the motor/gear assembly. Pop the hood, stick your head under it, have a friend turn the sheel, and see if you can tell where the squeak is coming from.

Thanks guys I’ll check all those. And I did grease the slides please keep the advice coming I appreciate it all!