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Saturn SL 1.9lt Stutters

Hello there my name is Tyler and I have owned a 02 Saturn Sl 1.9Lt Single. I have had the Check Engine soon light on for awhile and I had it checked and it was the second piston misfiring so I replaced the spark plug and wires and it went away. Then it came back and I tested it again and the first piston is not even firing now. Ive replaced the spark plugs, wire, fuel injector. Nothing has worked what could be doing this. Also when I took the Valve cover off and the first two lifters and valves were very dark and looked burnt and the other 2 were a nice copper look to them.

Do a compression check and a compression leakdown test and post back with the results.

The problem might be with the coil pack. Each coil pack has two plug wires attached to it. It could be that coil pack isn’t firing that cylinder.


Is this one of those “wasted talent”…I’m sorry, I mean “wasted spark” ignition systems?

No I replaced that and it fixed cylinder 2. I did a bit of research on the net and found that this model has a huge problem with the intake manifold gasket. I took it apart and yes it was folded over on itself so this would cause it to get to much air and run to hot maybe even burning the oil. Piston one now is now running just fine. It seems to run fine now but I need to get the check engine light turned off.

You can just keep driving and the check engine light will go out (if there are no causes for it, now). The only problem is, it can take a lot of “trips” for a reset to happen. An auto parts store can read, and erase, the code for you with a scan tool. Just ask.