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Vibration problems

When my car stops with engine still on, it vibrates back and forth and the “engine service soon” light will be on all the time.

We sent the car for maintenance last year for the same problem and the service men replaced the spark plug wire set.

Thank you so much.


You can have the computer scanned by a mechanic or at an auto parts store to find out why the check engine light is on. The codes in the computer will give you, or a mechanic, a clue as to what’s wrong.

A self check may be to make sure your spark plug wires are seated in properly. One loose wire will cause what you describe.

Otherwise get the code read at an autoparts store for free and post back.

Thank you so much for all your replies.

Let me quote here what the mechanic decribed for the problem last time.

—“Found codes P0302, cylinder #2 misfire- P1620, Low coolant circuit-P0403, Fuel level sensor circuit-P0656”
—“Found #2 spark plug wire with high resistance–Removed and replaced spark plug wires”

This time the “Servic engine soon” light is on and the car vibrates back and forth again. So, I figure it should be the similar problem.

Thank you so much again.

This time the “Servic engine soon” light is on and the car vibrates back and forth again. So, I figure it should be the similar problem.

Why guess. That CEL (check engine light) is just a kid in class waving her hand trying to get you attention because she has the answer. You need to have the codes read again. Some places will read them for FREE. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the exact code (like P0123) not just their translation into English and post it back here.

Regarding warning lights:

  1. if the coolant temp light comes on, shut off the engine ASAP

  2. if the oil warning light comes on, shut off the engine ASAP

  3. if a FLASHING MIL/CEL comes on, shut off the engine ASAP

    ASAP means driving to the berm of the highway right now and not waiting for the next exit.

But if the MIL/CEL is not flashing, then it’s not an urgent indicator.

OK, thank you again for your suggestion. I will take my car to Autozone and post the codes here soon. You guys have a good weekend.

Now I get the codes-P0404 and P1404.

They gave me several definitions and explanations to each of the code above.

Def. #1: Leak detection module solenoid valve circuit fault.
Def. #2: EGR valve stuck open condtion.
Def. #3: EGR stuck closed.

Def.#1: EGR system fault (Exhaust Gas Recirculation).
Def.#2: The control circuit for the exhaust gas recirculation system is out of range for the current engine operating conditions.

I forget to tell you that my car is 97 Saturn SL1.

My driving experience gives me a sense that the there is something wrong with the circulation system, since (1) one of the windows cannot automatically go up and down; (2) the headlight has not been working for a long time; (3) the coolant light has been on for two years even though it is full.

All of these seem to me that the car automatic system cannot give me real alert anymore.

Thank you so much again.