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Replace A/C Hose for 2003 Saturn

I own a 2003 Saturn in Los Angeles. A/C problems started late last year. Didn’t bother to fix til spring.
Now mechanic cannot find a replacement hose in or near Santa Clarita. They tried several “fixes” but none worked. Any idea where I can get one and send it? I live in Illinois most of the time and my kids in CA use the car. It gets HOT there.

Any GM dealer should be able to get this part for you. In addition, many AC shops can manufacturer a replacement hose for you.

You might take the old hose to a NAPA or O’Reilly auto parts store. Some of them have the tools on site to make up or repair all kinds of hydraulic, fuel, and A/C hoses.

I’m doing this long distance. My mechanic tried going to the GM approved supplier recommended by the dealer in Santa Clarita with no luck. They aren’t much help. He also scoured the salvage yards in the vicinity. welding it didn’t work. Don’t know where to start looking now.

With a little footwork I don’t know why the mechanic can’t have someone repair or make a hose from scratch.
Even the various oddball compressor fittings (referred to as manifold fittings) are available through the aftermarket.