Saturn L200 just died

I have a Saturn l200, 2002, I was driving home from work and it just quit.
It still turns over. I changed the PCM and CPS. still nothing. Turns like it has no compression but I have not checked that.
I thought maybe o2 sensors because of code 420 but it doesn’t even start so them or the cat should at least let it start after cool down which it will not.

the 4cyl has a timing chain? not sure if it is a belt

What’s a CPS?


Crankshaft Position Sensor ?

Or Camshaft Position Sensor?

Camshaft Position Sensor = CMP

Crankshaft Position Sensor = CKP


Crank position sensor and it has a timing chain not a belt

If the engine spins over faster than normal when trying to start it, it probably needs a new timing chain set.



Just had a new chain a cooler years ago don’t think that’s it…any other ideas

Check it anyway. Sometimes you just get bitten by Murphy’s Law and things that shouldn’t break for a long time do.

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Check for compression, if none timing chain related, first guess.

did you just happen to have a PCM laying around? What led you to think of that first? Does the PCM need to be programmed to your car before it will work?

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So much for that chain is very loose …I believe you were correct

Yes chain is loose so that’s probally it

Search on line, and see if the engine is an interference engine or not.

This will determine if it’s worth fixing.


Our Daughters timing chain puked, 115k miles, cost 1200 to fix, it is running fine, I think heads were involved, evidently some things failed but my go to guy, said he could not tell which went first.

Should just be able to put a new chain and adjusters in…not that big of deal unless something else craps out


If it’s an interference engine, the head will have to be removed to replace any bent valves. Among other things.

So, find out if it’s an interference engine.


No it’s not interference engine looking to change it to or tomorrow will let you know how it goes

So now I have no gas line pressure tank reads fuel empty but I know it’s at least half full could a bad o ring on the injectors or fuel rail cause that

Gas gauge or sender unit may be faulty. The most likely causes for low fuel rail pressure are

  • out of gas
  • fuse blown
  • fuel pump faulty
  • fuel pump relay faulty
  • engine computer fails to detect engine is turning; e.g. faulty crank position sensor
  • faulty fuel pressure regulator
  • fuel filter clogged
  • engine computer bonkers