Saturn Ion Problems

I took in my Saturn Ion 2004 model because the brake light (red) would intermittently come on when I made left hand turns. At first, the dealer told me to top off the fluid, which I did since it was a bit low. It worked for about a month and then the light came on again. After further inspection, the master cylinder was leaking so they replaced it (twice). they also said that brake fluid leaked into the brake booster and that should be replaced too. Both times, when I went at high speeds, the car would shake. The service director said that the brakes were engaging even though I was not applying them at the time. What irks me is that I did not have these problems before I went to the dealer. I only went in the light–after all, I did not want to be on the road and then the brake light stays on. The service director has paid for my towing fees and for half of the rent car bill. Am I bering treated fairly considering this is car is out of warranty? Could it be that they discovered what was inevitable down the line? I am trying to be optimistic.