Saturn Heated Seat Comes on by Itself

My husband and I bought a 2009 Saturn Aura XR last April. It was a fleet vehicle. It has heated seats, which I use frequently in the winter. I commute 90 minutes each way three days a week. The driver’s side heated seat comes on by itself in warm weather. There does not seem to be any consistent pattern to when it comes on except that it is usually after driving for 20 or more minutes. I will turn it off and sometimes it comes back on. We took it to the Saturn dealer but, of course, it did not do it when their technician drove it. I am wondering if this has happened to other Saturn owners or other car owners and what you did to fix it.


What does the switch look like. Is it just a little rocker switch that lights up when activated? Is it a rheostat type switch? Is there a light at all? If not then the relay may be sticking because it was used a lot. As a last resort you could just pull the fuse or unplug the seat heater in the summertime. A good mechanic should be able to spot the problem.

It is a little rocker switch that lights up when activated. It has two settings: 2 is high and 1 is a little lower. I do have a warranty on the car, so they should fix it for me. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ther’s nothing wrong with the switches. Mine does this quite often. When you get in the car the side bolster from the seat rolls over onto the switch and turns it on. You can also turn it on when you get out of the car. It’s a mechanical switch so when you turn get in and turn the car on the next time it will be on. All you can do is be careful how you get in and out of your car.