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04 Avalanche seat heaters

What is causing driver seat warmers to come on and switch between levels of heat at random without manual prompting???

They come on shortly after starting engine and putting vehicle in gear. Dealers no help. They disconnected heater plug (green) under drivers seat. That’s not fixing the problem. I still want to use my heaters periodically. Controls are on door panel above window controls. Any ideas???

Not for certain here, but could this be one of the programmable functions through the instrument cluster; for the heaters to turn on at startup? My 06 Silverado didn’t have seat heaters, but there were several functions that you could program to happen, such as auto down windows (on or off); doors auto lock at 5 MPH etc.

There may be a faulty relay that supplies power to the seats causing this to happen. There may also be a faulty control switch causing the trouble.