Saturn - Cold Engine Noise



I have a 1995 Saturn and have had very few problems, but recently, when I start the car in the morning it runs extremely loud, as if it is idling high, but the noise continues until to engine is warm. It doesn’t do it the rest of the day, unless the car has been sitting all day, and then it will do it again, until the engine is warm. When the engine is warm it runs perfectly. Has anyone else had this problem? Thank you!


If its the same noise I’m thinking of, that’s not a problem, its a feature! Its quite normal. That sound is your Air Pump, and its designed to come on when the engine is cold and feed extra oxygen to the engine. It should run for a max of about 65 seconds, but will often turn itself off before that.


A cold engine will run at fast idle especially when it’s cold outside. Perfectly normal.