1994 Saturn

My daugthers saturn starts very hard when it is cold. One person told me it is the fuel pump but supposely my ex had that replaced (?). someone else said it could be the EGR value. Once the car is started it runs and will start again if not left too long. What could it be?



The symptoms you describe are too vague for anyone to do much more than make an educated guess. My guess is that the problem is caused by neglect. When was the last time this car had a tune up? Battery care? If these things were not done recently, take care of them now. That just may fix it. Even if these services do not solve your current problem you are preventing additional problems coming up down the road.

I agree with Steve. Starting in cold weather requires a car’s ignition system to be in good order. It also requires things like the temperature sensor to be working properly, a strong battery, a good fuel pump regulator, and a bunch of other things. Fuel pump pressure (and the function of the regulator) can be checked easily by any shop. They can do it when they do the tuneup.

I agree. Get all the past due maintenance plugs wires filters oil etc. done and it may be all it needs. If that does not do it, come back and tell us more like number of miles any connection with temperature, time of day what does it do (like sounds) when you try to start it etc.

If you have just one ignition coil, try changing it. This solution might be outdated, but it was good around 1976.