Ford Explorer A/C

Guys, maybe someone can help me out. I was checking over my 2000 Ford Explorer, and noticed a leaking Schreader valve on the A/C. The leak is slow, and the cap (w- o-ring) is holding it in check for now. I tried to use my valve core tool to check that it didn’t work itself loose, but the valve is bigger than the tool. I checked around, but haven’t been able to locate a Schreader valve tool sized for this truck.

Does anyone here know of a source? And if so, do they make a tool that will allow me to replace the valve without discharging the system? I found a tool like that for standard systems, like R-12 and R-22. Currently, the system is still charged and working fine.


Here’s what you need to replace the valve core without losing refrigerant. As far as a valve core tool for R134a, most parts stores sell these.


Thanks, Tester. I don’t know how I missed that one. I buy from JC Whitney every now and then.