Saturn 2000 SC1 Emmissions Problems

My 2000 Saturn SC1 can not get ready to take the Illinois Emissions test…i have been in this crazy state for 9 months now…can anyone help

It might help it you provided some more information, like why is it not ready? Exact details. What have you done to try and correct the situation. What other advice might you have received and not acted on.

Your state requires most, if not all, of your car computer monitors to have been successfully run (ready for work), before they will pass your car for the emissions test. Your car has several (all?) monitors which have not passed the engine computer’s tests. These are kind of tests to see if emissions parts (sensors, valves) are ready to do their job. For example, the oxygen sensor is asked (by the engine computer), “Hey, are you ready to go to work and give me those oxygen reading in the exhaust?”. If the oxygen sensor says, “Hold on. I’m not ready.”, that monitor system is not “successfully run”. If the check engine light is on, have it scanned at an auto parts store, such as Auto Zone, for free. They will give you a printout with codes and explanations. Bring those codes here for advice.