99 saturn failing the emissions test


Our 99saturn keeps failing the emissions test. We’ve been told on numerous times to drive it 50-100 miles to reset the computer. This did not work, we had over $500 work done to fix the problem( several things reading ‘not ready’) and it still hasn’t passed, and yet again are being told to drive it…now 200 miles to reset the computer…I’m sure this isn’t going to work…so what else can we do???

Assuming the “Check Engine” light is no longer on, it takes a number of drive cycles to clear the “not ready” status from the monitors. This is not just a certain distance. It involves cold starts. I’m not sure how many though.

What is it failing for?
What are the codes?

If all of the repairs have been done, you need to drive the car in a certain way to get it ready for emissions testing. Drop by your Saturn dealer service department and ask them to print out the “Drive Cycles to Reset The Monitors”. After completing the reset, an auto parts store may scan the engine computer to see if all of the monitors show ready. If they don’t show “monitors complete (or, run)”, you need to tell your repairer that. {The repairer could have driven the car to reset the monitors, but, he would have had to charge you for his time. In short, he’s trying to save you a few hundred $}.

I lost the slip of paper with the code they told us…but the MIL Cmnd Status is off, the catalyst is not ready, heated Cat:N/S, Evap: not ready, 2nd Sys and Air Cond:N/S, O2 Sens:not ready and the Egr Sys: not ready. We had the EGR valve and Egr gasket replaced

thanks NYBo and hellokit.

Do you have a slightly high idle, say around 1000 to 1200 rpm? And is it a little rough? Was one of your codes P0507? Is it an SL or SL1? If all answers are yes, then you need a new intake manifold gasket. You can verify by spraying a little carburetor cleaner or throttle body cleaner around the manifold at the #1 cylinder and see the difference in the idle. I’ve gone through two of them already and mines an 02 with 165k miles.

okay, went to our saturn dealership, they told me exactly the same…just drive 100 miles and the monitor, should reset.
and keith, yes it idles high, it’s an SL, and i really can’t remember the code.