Readiness lights for emmissions

Hello guys and thank you for “being there” for us know nothings. I not a proud owner of my 2000 Saturn SL 4 dr coupe, just unfortunate to have it. For the past 12 months or so I have invested large amounts of $.$$ to fix what I thought were the problems or reason why my “check engine” light was on. I live in Buena Vista Pa. and our corrupt state requires a yearly emmissions test. When the mechanic has the system run its check on the engine the error message said that no#1 injector is misfiring so I had that replaced along w/plugs and wires. Still wouldn’t get the light to shut off. Next we replaced the intake gasket and thus the light went off and all was thought to be fixed. Now after driving the car for almost 300 miles we can’t get 4 of the 8 readiness lights to reset. In Pa. I only need to have 2 out of the 4 reset but no matter how much I drive they won’t reset. Do you know of anything we can do to get them to reset?

Could you post the actural error code(s) Format: “P0123”

There are’nt any codes, they’re Readiness Monitors, they read "trip set"
or basically they’re tripped and need to be reset. I called the
mechanic and asked him what to type here to best describe.
Hope this helps.

What you are talking about is the systems ready checks that the PCM computer does to check the operation of various emission systems. I have seen some model specific manuals that have a driving schedule that should get all these tests completed. It reads like “accelerate to 25 mph at 75% throttle, slow to 10 mph accelerate to 25 at 50% throttle, etc.” Hopefully, you can get the schedule from the Saturn service department.

Also make sure that the ‘keep alive’ fuse for the PCM is intact. If that fuse is open, the memory of the tests will be lost each time the ignition switch is turned ‘off’. Also make sure that the battery voltage does not drop too low during cranking as that sometime will allow the retained memory to erase.

A case that points this problem. I tried to help a neighbor with a 1996 Hyunda Accent get her car ready for smog check after the battery ran down. I drove that car all over the place: freeway, stop and go, hard acceleration, light acceleration, high speed cruise, medium speed cruise, slow cruise, etc. but could not get the emissions ready checks to complete. Finally the car was passed by a BAR referee. Two years later the car passed the biannual smog test without problem. Who knows what goes on in the mind of the PCM.

Hope I have helped.

you must have over half a tank on fuel #1,# 2 drive the car on the highway at least 50 miles,and do alot of very long decels(note very long decel),I live 35 miles from my job,and drive used cars home 3 times a week to reset monitors.shame its not a VW we can do those with the scan tool and 20mins.the PCM has a certain criteria that must be met,its called a drive cycle,and they are printed in plain english,for the non trained.if you do as I sugg,it will set the monitors,or call me and Ill do it.

good luck

Try this forum, there are a couple of guys here that really know their Saturn’s. BTW, the intake manifold gasket was you only problem all along. I’ve been through what you went through and I’m sure the original code you had was P0507. I hope you used a felpro gasket instead of the Saturn OEM gasket too. The felpro has more reinforcement in it.

BTW, I was unable to log into it a few minutes ago, hope just temporary. Scroll down on the home page about half way to find the SL forum.

If you got a printout from the Emissions Test Station with results, like these, bring them here:

If you list the two monitors that are not being set ready, then perhaps we can describe the drive cycle(s) required to set them ready. There are distinct requirements for each of the monitors and some are more difficult to satisfy than others. It also varies by manufacturer of course. The more difficult ones usually require a series of drive cycles that include # of start cycles and a mix of driving conditions.

I got the drive cycle from Saturn, must idle in park w/ac and rear defog on for 2.5 min. then drive 55mph for 5 minutes then decel to 25mph then 55-60 mph for 3 min. then all should be ok. Did all that several times to no avail. Its Sep. 8 and inspection was due Aug. If I get pulled over by the police would they tkt w/all the documents and the explanation that I’m trying to get it to pass? Any suggestions to get the lights to reset would be most appreciated. Last night I dissconnected the red from the battery for 3-5 min. then did the drive cycle. Have’nt had it tested yet but hoping this is it. Never buying another Saturn!

Have you talked to the BAR representative? What does he/she say? Have you run the car by a referee? If no codes are set and the emissions are below spec, the referee may be able to pass the car for another two years. But if the
CEL light is still ‘on’ at that time, you will have to go through the referee again. Usually if you have paid the fees; can demonstrate a good faith effort to get the car to pass the test; there is no missing OEM emissions equipment; and you have spent up the legislated maximum, the DMV should give you a valid registration. As to what the court would decide if you are cited for lack of valid registration, I will leave that to the lawyer pundits.

I did call the PA Station Hotline to inquire about an “expidited sticker” they said that my mechanic must call and give the vin no#, and the station info, he has to fax all the paperwork to them and then its up to that guy then his supervisor and then his supervisor. Wish me luck and thanks for the help.

Does anyone know about a faulty EGR or cullinoid for 2000 or 2001 Saturns
that might be the cause to the ready lights not resetting? PA Emmissions
person told me that this could be a cause but historically the Saturn models
have never been a vehicle that routinely has had problems thus they won’t give
me any “onetime” waivers. They say that I must do the drive cycle 3-4 times
to get them to reset and if I get pulled over by the police then its their
disgretion to tkt or not.