05'xb 'not ready' to be tested

For the first time in the 5-6 years I’ve owned my scion, last summer it wouldn’t complete the NYState inspection process. The printout stated that the car wasn’t ready for the emissions test and the mechanic said I should just put a fee miles on it to “reset it”. Several times I took out on non-stop 60 mile trips and took it back for inspection to no avail. I now have about 5,000 more miles on it and it still “isn’t ready”. Even 2 Toyota dealers have tried and failed. I won’t say how I’ve gotten by the past 10 months but August I’m due again and I’d like to legitimately resolve this debacle. Anyone?

At any time, has the battery been disconnected?


Fo you know what monitors are not completed? Evap and Cat monitors are typically the hardest to complete, but if it is more than that, then you may have a problem with the ‘keep alive’ memory. If a fuse is not the problem, it may be an ECU fault.

How old is the battery in your car?

Did you clear fault codes, related to some repair?

Or did you clear fault codes, BECAUSE you need to get the car inspected?

You can pass the NY Syare emissions test with one sysyem not ready to read, you cannot pass with your check engine light on. Some inspections stations here don’t know this and in an effort to be helpfu,l put a scanner on your car before they start the inspection. They then tell you not to get an inspection because they think it won’t pass. My 2003 Town and Country passed for years with evaporitive systems leaks. Checked evap hoses purge valve etc. Finally sold it to someone moving to Florida.