Sardine oil on car



Someone has put sardines & sardine oil on my daughters car and it is eating the clear coat. Does anyone know of a way to get it off?


Detergent and water


Sardine oil will not TOUCH clear coat. It can withstand oven cleaner…if the finish was damaged, it was more than sardine oil…


I agree with liquid detergent and water but if this has really eaten through the clear coat the car will need to head to the paint/body shop if the appearance is intolerable.

If this damaged area is even moderate in size then you should consider dragging the insurance company into this if the car has full coverage on it. Redoing clear coat finishes even on small areas often means repainting entire panels; meaning pricy.


This sounds like one you should try to call the show about. I think the guys would have fun with this one.


A lot of things can permanently damage clear coat. And I’ve seen oven cleaner take off other paints before, there might be some clear coats that are vulnerable to it.

Egg whites can damage clear coat if you leave it long enough.

Anyhow, OP, it’s oil. Detergent is the way to go. There’s a good chance any damage will buff right off, so if you’re lucky it should be cheap to fix.


Sardines are typically NOT packed in sardine oil, as it has industrial uses. You’re probably dealing with olive, soybean, peanut, or rapeseed oil. My suggestion is to sit around until someone on the internet comes up with a perfect solution. In the meantime, under NO circumstances use paper towels.


Sardine oil, the perfect cure if your car has a squeeky sardine.

I’m not sure sardine oil will eat clear coat, but maybe so… Seriously, if the clear coat is being eaten up by something that someone other than your daughter put on it, then it is classified as vandalism. Vandalism is a comprehensive insurance issue just like theft or hail damage. In fact I recently found out that my insurance company views a deer strike as a comprehensive claim. Check with your company if you have comp coverage.


Is there a chance that this car is over 10 years old?


I didn’t know sardine oil has industrial uses. But, I just ate an old can of sardines I had stored in Mexico City for some years, I opened it to see if it was still good. It was, because I am still alive. And, it did indeed have vegetable oil in it. Those with olive oil seem to be upscale quality and price, in my experience. I like tiny sardines, but these were big ones, and I didn’t especially like the taste.

That does seem weird that vegetable oil would damage the paint, doesn’t it? Still, we are learning all the time.


Dawn, gets grease out of your way.