Egged Car


My daughter’s car was egged in the parking lot at her college. Unfortunately, she did not discover the damage until almost 24 hours later. Is there any way for her to clean the mess without damage to the cars finish?


It depends on the condition of the finish of the car. Modern cars have a clear top-coat protecting the paint underneath. This clear-coat is VERY tough but quite soft. Avoid anything abrasive as it will leave scratches. EZ-Off oven cleaner can be used safely on MOST clear coat finishes. Test it in a small, hidden area first to be sure it will not attack the paint. I have used it to remove spray paint from cars, so it should work on dried eggs. I would get as much off as I could with a pressure washer first…Good Luck.


Clear coat is unpigmented paint so what egg does to regular paint, it will do to clear coat. The amount of damage will depend on how well the car’s exterior was protected by wax. It’s probably to late for you, but the best thing to do when a car has been egged is first to rinse it off ASAP, then wipe it down with vinegar to neutralize the egg. Then wash normally and apply fresh wax.

Check with your insurance company. The vandalism damage might be covered by either the auto or home owner’s insurance.