Same 98 Lincoln TC. Wiper motor


The wipers quit. After all the hand prints, there driving around with fuel pressure holine, cumputer hookup wire from under the hood and it was sprinkling Friday (a April) off and on during this 5-6 hour dagnostic venture, I went to car wash to clean the TC up. Turned on wipers and wiper motor began to growl with the motion of the wipers. This is Sat. mid-afternoon. Drove on home ith wipers on intermitent, low speed for couple mi. Turn them off knowing something wrong. Never had a nois out of wiper motor before. Stopped in front of garage to finish wipr down. Decided to try them on more time, turn them to inter’t, they moved about 1/3 of a pass and stopped. Drove into garage and there it sets. What the suggestions? Could the Dealer techs have turned them on when taking there driveabout an entangled there wires, hoses, ect… Or Is God trying to send me a message??? Rex (HELP)