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Sabb Seatbelt Replacement

I currently own a 1999 Sabb 93 convertible and recently the driver’s side seatbelt mechanism has locked up and has to be replaced. Sabb is saying that because the car is out of warranty they will not replace it for free. Other forums state that because this is a safety feature it should have a lifetime warranty. Is this true? If so, what is the process for having this replaced?

The vehicle is 12 years old. Sabb’s warranty responsibilities for it ended many years ago. You will need to pay for the repairs yourself.

Warranty coverage varies from one car manufacturer to another.
While Subaru does provide lifetime warranty coverage for seat belts and related hardware, most car companies do not.

If you were told by the SAAB dealer that this is not a covered item, then they are probably correct.
However, you could double-check by phoning SAAB’s corporate customer relations people. Most likely they will tell you the same thing that the dealer did, but calling the toll-free phone number won’t cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time.

There are many mechanisms on a car that are “safety” related but will not be repaired free. Unless there is a recall issued, it will be on your dime.

No warranty on this