Saab turbo manual 1998, error P0340, P0507

Hi Everyone,

My saab is giving error codes P0340, P0507. The mechanic suggests changing the ignition cassette. We had that done at 65,000 miles. The car now has 99,000 miles.

I have read on the web that P0340 is commonly associated with the crank sensor and that the classic code for the ignition cassette is 1312. Is that correct?

We just had a new camshaft sensor installed.

The mechanic also recommends a new purge valve (it is stuck open he says) and a BG Induction service.

What do you think?


Does the car drive normally?? When is your next emissions test due?

no it does not drive normally. The engine revs & then dives down, almost but not quite stalling out.
we got past emissions by pleading we’d spent a lot of money trying to fix the problem. it would not pass because the engine light is on.