Saab 93 OBDII Code P1352

Hello, So I’ve been driving my car around and at least once a drive when i need to accelerate all of a sudden my car will bog down, the gas pedal feels a bit odd like there is no difference from pushing it in a little and to the floor except for how bad the car starts to shake. The only way to fix it is to pull over and turn my car off then back on. The OBDII error code i’m getting is P1352, i’m thinking its an ignition coil. Would that make sense or what do you think it could be?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

P1352 says No. 4 Cylinder Rear Ignition Coil Circuit Malfunction

Switch the that coil with another one and see if the error moves to a different cylinder. If yes, get a new one.

It would appear that there’s a problem with the MAF sensor.


Seems there is conflicting explanations for code P1352… One would seem to indicate trouble with the throttle pedal sensor and the other an ignition module. The symptoms suggest the throttle position sensor. The one at the throttle pedal inside the car. If that is going bad the signal it sends to the engine gets “lost” so you can’t accelerate.

A second description for P1352 is ignition module or ignition coil. If this thing has had spark plugs replaced, check them. If they are not the recommended sparkplug for this Saab, replace them with the correct plug. These cars are sensitive to the plugs used! The do what @kurtwm2010 says, swap out the coils to find if one is bad.