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Saab DI and Crank Position Sensor


I have a Saab 95. Recently I experience difficulty to start my car. The crank sounds quite strong. The DI failed and has been replaced before. I disconnected the DI and crank position sensor, and reconnected again. The car backs to work. But it dead several times when I wait for traffic light. I have to turn off and restart the car.

I wonder whether there is a way to identify which part caused the problem and need to be replaced, DI or the crank sensor?

Please advise.

Many thanks.

a good scan tool can “see” if the crank sensor is giving off a pulse to let the computer know to fire the ignition system.
Basically, it sounds like it is time to take it to a shop. just have them check the ignition system for you. probably gonna shell out around 80-90 bucks but at least you will know what is wrong for sure.

Is this check has to be done by Saab dealer? Or any car shop can do the job?

Saab has an open recall on the DI for many years of cars. if you car falls in these guidelines you many be able to get a free DI from a dealer. Also if you continue driveing your car like this you may cause damamge to your catalaic converter. This is more common on the V6 Saabs, as the motor will run on 3 cyls but dump the raw fuel from the other 3 cyls into the cat.

Bottom line is get it fixed right away, and call your dealer to see if the recall was done on your car.

I have changed my DI once back about 3-4 years ago (just out of warranty time). I will check with Saab dealer tomorrow about this recall. I think Saab has to send notice to all recall affected owners. I have never heard of such recall.
Many thanks guys.