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Saab starting problems

I have a 2001 Saab 9-3 with 154,000 miles. I have had problems with starting it. I was told by my service guy that is was not the fuel pump. The work that has been done on it includes replacing the ignition coil, and the coolant sensor. The problem still exists. Sometime it will not start at all or will need to be cranked for a while before it turns over. Any ideas out there

When you first turn the ignition ON (before cranking) … do you hear the faint drone from the fuel tank for about 2 seconds (noise of the fuel pump priming). If no sound you could have a bad fuel pump relay (or pump).

Are there any fault codes stored in the computer? (the CEL may not be on but the codes will still be stored). Your mechanic must have checked for fault codes.

Thanks, no droning sound. Hopefully, I’ll know how to proceed now.