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Saab 900 won't start

So have a 1991 Saab 900 about a 3 month’s ago I bought it and each time I would fill up the tank the gas light would always be on well after awhile of driving it for about a month it broke down. I would just be driving and all of a sudden it would shut off, and won’t start for a few hours and now it won’t start at all just crank I’ve replaced the fuel pump and it’s pumping though the line but I took the injectors out to see if it would spray when cranking and it’s not. What could it be someone please help!

What led you to replace the fuel pump?

I’m not overly familiar with those old Saabs, but the first place I look when no fuel whatsoever is being delivered because the fuel pump isn’t working is the relay that runs the pump. If that relay is bad, then replacing the fuel pump won’t do any good because the new pump won’t be getting any power to run.

Between this post and the other one it looks like you have replaced the fuel filter and are getting fuel flow to the injectors. Best to keep everything under one post.

If the injectors are not delivering, they either have all gone bad or the control to it has gone out. Go to you tube to see how to test individual injectors, it is easy enough. This link could help you track down any control problems that are shutting down the whole injector system.

This is an old car, parts and support are getting harder to get with Saab no longer in the car business.

It’s getting fuel it’s just not getting enough pressure

You need a mechanic who knows the Bosch Jetronic fuel injection system. They are tricky. I had an '87 900 Turbo and it had 2 fuel pumps. I also had a '95 900 non-turbo. I worked on those cars a lot, but it went to my mechanic for any fuel issues.

Your best bets for diy info is Google, u-tube, or a Saab enthusiast blog.

You need to check the injectors to see if they are pulsing. This can done with a Noid light or with a stethoscope while someone is cranking the engine. You should hear the injectors making a subtle click sound as the engine is cranked over.

The injectors won’t spray unless the computer thinks the engine is turning. You might have a failed sensor, either crank or cam sensor, so even though the engine is really turning, the computer can’t tell, so it won’t fire the injectors. You should use Saab’s diagnostic system to help you debug this problem, otherwise it might prove difficult and expensive. One idea, you might get lucky, see if there is any fuel in the vacuum hose which connects the fuel pressure regulator to the intake manifold. There shouldn’t be any at all. If there is, replace the fuel pressure regulator.