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Replacement parts, body

Hi. I am considering buying a 1995 Saab 900 se turbo. It is a 2 door hatchback for a great price. Only problem is the passenger door is smashed and does not work. How would I find a parts car to buy a door for this vehicle? How much can I expect to pay? Is it worth replacing? I don’t know anything about cars other than I don’t have one currently and need one badly. Some one please help. How do I find and get a replacement door for this vehicle to me in Northern Michigan!? PLEASE HELP

Walk away from this vehicle so it doesn’t notice. And go find a used Honda or Toyota. You’ll be many dollars ahead.


Search this database and sort by “distance” to find a used door near you.

Run away from this car, it is a car only for Saab enthusiasts.

+1 with all the other ones.
As cool as Saabs are, walk away from this one.

Saabs are good cars, as long as someone else owns them. I would suggest you adopt this strategy. You will be hard pressed to find parts for this.

If your heart is set, at least figure on spending 3x your max estimate, if you are ok with that go for it after having a proper mechanic review.

Assuming you are looking for a reliable and economical ride, penny wise and pound foolish is my humble opinion. I concur w/@Tester. You’ll be dollars ahead in the long run by purchasing a commodity econobox car with a lot of copies still being driven. Cheap parts abound for these. Besides Toyota and Honda, I’d include the most poputlar versions of used econobox Fords & Mazdas.

If you like this car and have your heart set on it, no worries, Saabs are good cars, just more difficult and more expensive to find repair parts for them is all. To find a door, just look in the yellow pages for the nearest auto junkyard and phone them up. They’ll either have or can find you a door in all likelyhood. They all have a big network and they list what cars they have on their lot. Your door may come from a lot in Columbus, Ohio, but who cares, it’s a door, right?

Sorry Melisa Lyn, I have to agree with the guys above. I realize car buying can be an emotional thing when you see something you like. I’ve owned a Saab or two. Saabs are good cars, for Saab loving enthusiasts. Even if someone GAVE you that car, it will probably become a money pit. Are you aware that the company is in bankruptcy? They don’t seem to be finding anyone to bail them out this time. Even the Chinese are scared of them. notwithstanding, parts for a 17 year old Saab are only going to get harder and harder to find. I agree with those above that this is probably a good car to avoid.

Maybe all the Saab dealers can become Fiat dealers.

The car has a lot of age on it and from your post you apparently know little about vehicle mechanicals. That’s reason enough to pass on the car and consider something else.

I might ask how much they’re asking for this thing. At some point anything is worth a shot in the dark.

Go to craigslist. There are a lot of good used cars on there. For what you will pay for that door and car you can find a car or truck,that will give you a lot less problems. Also will cost less now and later.

to answer the OP’s question… the dealership I work for took in a very nice 9-5 wagon that also had a smashed in door. We found one on Ebay fully loaded (glass power window motor, door panel etc), with shipping it was around $350 to our door, and it was the right color so all we did was bolt it on and plug it in… Was a perfect match/fit and much cheaper then sending it to a body shop.